Welcome to Local Break!

Welcome to Eastham’s newest restaurant Local Break! Feel like some awesome local draft beers? Grab a Slumbrew “Happy Soul” Hefeweizen or a Cisco “Captain Swain’s” Stout. Don’t feel like a beer? Order up some homemade white or red sangria, or maybe a Black Raspberry Mojito? Actually, you should really try Thom’s Cucumber Collins made from our house infused cucumber gin…pretty excellent! Oh yeah, we also have a great chef who is putting out seriously great food unlike any other place around. Check out the menu online or come in and see the blackboard specials we run every night. If you can’t make it, feel free to visit our Facebook page where we post pictures of specials for our friends to see. One way or another, don’t miss out on a great time with all of us here at Local Break!